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photo by Alvin Olivo

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Arts Alive?

Arts Alive is a talent showcase and scholarship program presented by the ACE Coalition for Osceola County students in grades 9-12. Students must attend an Osceola County School (public, private or charter) or be a home schooled Osceola County resident to apply. Students audition before a panel of judges for the opportunity to perform in the Arts Alive showcase. Multiple performers will be selected in each discipline to perform in the showcase. Senior students are eligible to apply for scholarships. One senior scholarship may be awarded in the following arts disciplines: Theatre Performance, Technical Theatre, Musical Theatre, Vocal, Instrumental, Visual Art, Dance and Creative Writing.


Is pantomime allowed? If so, in which category?

Yes, Pantomime is allowed.  This would be under the performance theater category and is the only exception to performance theater not requiring a published work.


What should senior applicants do if they are applying for the Senior Scholarship, but are not able to apply to the college/vocational school until after the Arts Alive application deadline?

They should provide a letter of intent of application to college/vocational school along with the scholarship documentation.


If students are currently dual-enrolled at Valencia, and intend to continue there after graduation, how do they show a college application? (They are already enrolled and did not need to “apply").

Students are still required to apply to the college of their choice. If they are choosing to remain at Valencia they must provide proof of enrollment for the fall term from Valencia.


If a student applies in multiple disciplines and is accepted in more than one discipline, is that student able to win more than one scholarship category?

Chosen performers and scholarship awards are given based on a scoring system which takes into account judges scores, essay, application documentation and interview. The determination of winners is decided by a sub-committee of the ACE Coalition and the decision would be up to the sub-committee.

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